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Review: Fuji Auric LT Enduro Bike

Fuji Bikes Mountain Review

The good people over at PinkBike, specifically Mike Levy, have done a in-depth review of the Fuji Auric LT 27.5" Enduro Bike and it's definitely worth the read. The review covers everything from the tires up including a geometry overview, technical report, ride review and much more.

Fuji Auric LT Enduro Bike

From the article:

"Fuji might not be the coolest company around, but there's no arguing about the Auric LT's performance: This is a seriously fast, solid bike that won't hold anyone back, regardless of its price, color, and where it came from. But while it is surprisingly versatile, the Auric LT really is best suited to racing, or at least a rider whose main focus is going really, really fast." - Mike Levy

Fuji Auric LT Enduro Bike

Check out the full article here. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Photos c/o & photographer Brian Park.

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